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Blogging with IPython and Collapsible Input Cells

I learned about IPython Notebooks from the fantastic blog of jakevdp. Realizing what a great way they are to interactivly manipulate Python code and transform the results into web pages, I started playing around with them and the pelican site generator myself. I had a few science questions on my mind for which I thought writing things up with some nice graphical illustrations would clarify things for myself and maybe others. Then I arrived at a point where I had long input boxes in my web pages with Python code that was not very interesting. I just wanted to have some figures for illustration. Of course I could just generate some plots, save them and load them into the Notebook to display them. But that seemed like an unnecessary detour if I already created the plots in the notebook. Could I not just hide the input cells? It turns out the answer was apparently “no”.

So I interrupted the process of writing about the original problems that were on my mind and set out to modify the liquid_tags pelican plugin that generates these pages so that the input code cells can be hidden.